Sponsor Spotlight: 1080 The Fan


Longtime Caddies 4 Cure sponsor, ESPN Sports Radio 1080 The FAN, is back again for the 7th year as a Pinehurst level sponsor. FAN Host Isaac Ropp knows the affects MS can have on a family first hand – he had a close relative with MS before she passed away in 2008 – and said The FAN supports the charity because of its “incredible worthy causes.” Ropp said some of his favorite Caddies 4 Cure memories from past years are rolling dice with Jerome Bettis at A Night to Chip In, the Darius Rucker concert, and “the general courtesy and open nature of all the celebrities involved.” Thank you 1080 The Fan for your continued support of Caddies 4 Cure!

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  1. Have watched or listened to your station for years. Appreciate the work you guys do. Good luck for hopefully many years into the future!

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