Sponsor Spotlight: Green Thumb Landscaping


This is Green Thumb Landscaping’s fourth year as a sponsor with Caddies 4 Cure. The company, which provides residential and commercial maintenance and landscape construction services, is supporting Caddies 4 Cure because it is “one of the few charities that the volunteers do not take a salary and the money goes to actual intended parties.” President Scott Friedman said he also likes that the charity is a grassroots effort that continues to grow every year.  ”We want to support that effort and have seen the good the money has done in the community. If money can help ease the pain for children and families going through terrible illness or fighting lifelong battles, it is the least we can do.  I have seen the impact of illness and significant medical issues on a family, what Caddies does really helps them.”

Scott’s favorite memory is playing golf with Terry Porter a few years ago. “We all had terrible drives.  We got a good second shot but still were short of the green.  Terry hit driver off the deck and stuck it by the pin from about 300 out.”

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