Sponsor Spotlight: Belsher Technology Advisors

BelsherBelsher Technology Advisors has been sponsoring Caddies 4 Cure since at least 2008, and we are pleased to be welcoming them back this year as a Bandon sponsor. Belsher Technology Advisors provides IT, business and social consulting services. Marc Belsher, Principal Consultant, says Caddies 4 Cure has become a top 3 charity for them and they feel called to be a sponsor. Their own son, Alec Belsher, was born at Emanuel Children’s Hospital, now Randall Children’s Hospital, in February 1995 under emergency conditions. He was four weeks premature and spent his first days in grave condition, needing constant care and surfactant treatments, then a total of two plus weeks in the hospital.  He had a malformed skull that required a craniotomy in August of 1995.  This is terrifying surgery where they cut his skull top off and reformed it.  Due to this condition, he had limited sight in one eye for many years to come.

“We remember this time as one of the most traumatic of our lives thinking we might lose our new and first-born son,” Marc said. “The nurses at RCH-Emanuel were amazingly warm and loving and the total care we received was second to none.  Today, Alec is an amazing 19 year old man in college and doing fine.  We are so proud to have a small part in supporting the two primary C4C charities.”

Marc said though there have been many great memories, his favorite was golfing with his team and celebrity Frank Brickowski in 2012.  “I was standing back from the team looking at them, looking at the beautiful course, the amazing colors of spring, just taking it all in and thinking to myself, isn’t it a miracle how a couple guys and their wives began with a little seed what would become this today; an unending river of love and blessing to countless people they didn’t even know. My wife Cora and I are so grateful to have found this miracle and we are proud to support and sponsor Caddies 4 Cure.” Thank you Belsher Technology Advisors for your support of Caddies 4 Cure!

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